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Here, we’re never going to go deep. Instead, you’ll ideally get polished gold nuggets of dense value in a self-contained daily tip. Of course, there will often be opportunities to go deeper through the books, podcasts, webinars, blog posts and other content where many of these tips originated from.

Sometimes I’ll share tips of my own experiences over the past 25 years in the services space selling B2C. Other times I’ll feature short clips or quotes from other Podcasts, but most of the time you’ll hear ideas from a lot of new voices from across the B2C sales and services space. Sales reps, sales leaders, authors of sales books, thought leaders, even contractors and others who have something of value to share with the broader sales community.

This isn’t meant to be a passive experience either. Each shot of B12 (episode) has its own corresponding blog post where the discussion is encouraged, and often times rewarded. The goal here is to delve deeper into each idea. Learn from others who it’s worked for, or how they’ve improved upon it and seen results in their own sales process or career. This also means you’ll be able to easily find these tips again, unlike on LinkedIn where that great idea you saw two months ago is essentially impossible to find again, at least that’s what I am working towards as I get better at this. 

These podcasts, associated articles, blogs, webinars, and events are purely a passion project for me. I love sales and am always trying to improve myself and my results in keeping servant leadership in mind. I can’t tell you how much I get from the mutually beneficial mentoring relationships I’ve developed through this work, life experience and guidance from my best friend, wife, mother, educator and my queen Julie, I Larb You Very Much 😍

A successful journey in B2C requires continuous self-learning, we understand that not all field teams have time. That’s why I’ve rounded up a complete list of the best podcasts and webinars for you to turbocharge your day with shots of B-12.

“Without actively listening, you won’t truly understand your customers. Without understanding your customers, you can’t solve their problems. If you can’t solve their problems, you will NEVER sell anything or lead anyone.” – Zarir M. Merwanji

So don’t just learn aimlessly by listening to sales podcasts, be sure to do that and but remember to implement the lessons. Take notes, highlight the best parts, and share important takeaways with your team at your next sales meeting and join me on webinar ninja or Zoom. Then, most importantly, take what you’ve learned and to apply the insights to your Selling Process and improve by creating customers for life and earning more commissions! 

Podcasts are great when you can listen to them while commuting, some you can watch via videocast like maybe while you are having a break, enjoying a weekend afternoon in solitude, or at any time you feel the need to learn a technique or find fresh inspiration from anywhere in the world.

You can learn a little more about me on LinkedIn where you’ll also learn that I live in Atlanta, GA. I’m happily married to the most beautiful girl in the world, have three sons, a kilo niner and a kung fu kitty. You’ll find me in a training room most days of the week, and during football season I follow the Buffalo Bills Manchester United.

Thanks for being here. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure and please subscribe to the podcast and join me on twitter where I share updates. Sometimes a little more often when something especially interesting is going on, like when we’re launching a new webinar or my YouTube channel

Feel free to send me a note. I always do my best to respond to fans for the show on Twitter @ZarirMerwanji

Enjoy! Now Go Sell Something! 

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