A student reached out to me recently recently and shot me some kudos for training him a year ago in one of my virtual classes and said he wanted to reach out and say thank you for changing his life through all the videos he watched this year on my YouTube channel the zarirmerwanji video experience and my podcast the zarirmerwanji audio experience on iTunes, Spotify, sound cloud, google and other platforms that suits you.

These words he used are my oxygen, it’s DM’s like this that reinforce the love and passion I have for the learning and delivery business because it changes the lives of so many who were once unhappy with their job and now have found the freedom and growth in sales and leadership in the B2C space aka home services for your products like home improvements, smart home and security, solar, SaaS business, CRM side hustlers, ebay sneaker flippers and just plain good peeps who want to do good in this world because they know we have this one life

I’ll share with you in just a moment what he did exactly to grab the attention of his community and start generating tons and tons of self gen leads that resulted in a six figure income he and his family have always dreamed off and got through hard work and of course, my videos 😂

When you’re new to sales, it will take some effort to get your career rolling.

I compare this to the amount of thrust that’s required to get an airplane off the ground.

It takes a lot, but once you reach  a certain level, staying aloft gets easier.

To make your career launch a little smoother, start by letting everyone you already know about your new position.

They may or may not be qualified to own your product, but they are likely to know someone who is qualified.

It never hurts to ask others to keep you in mind when the subject of whatever you’re selling comes up.

Share with them the training you’ve taken and knowledge you’ve gained about your product so they’ll realize you’re working on becoming an expert on your product and industry.

Here’s a sample introductory letter I’ve taught past students to use. It’s just as effective when delivered via email or verbally.

Hello, Aunt Sally,

Something exciting has happened in my life.

I have recently been hired as an associate (salesperson, consultant) with (name of company).

This company is one of the largest (best, fastest-growing) in its field.

I have learned a great deal about their products and services and feel very confident in representing them.

I’d appreciate an opportunity to tell you more about my experience with them.

It’s my responsibility with this company to offer my relatives (friends, clients) the latest and most innovative ways to (state a benefit — not a feature).

There’s so much to share with you I’d prefer to do it in person (on the phone).

I’ll be contacting you for a time when we can visit.

I’ve always appreciated your support and look forward to sharing with you the benefits of this new phase of my life soon.


Zarir Marzban Merwanji

Change the wording to suit your personality and product, but do invest the time and effort required to tell all of the people in your world about your new and excited career opportunity.

You never know where qualified leads will come from.

Don’t take a chance of missing them.

Aunt Sally may be more well-connected than you think!

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