Jambo Rafiki,

There will be times when “no” really means there’s no sale to be made.

It’s just part of selling.

As a sales champion, it’s important to recognize a true “non-selling” situation as early as possible during your appointment with your customers

Be it in person or virtually.

That’s so that you’re not wasting their time or yours trying to move forward in the sales process.

So, when the “no” you hear is truly a final NOPE, you still have a sale to make.

This new sale is to win the opportunity to stay in touch with these folks.

Their circumstances or needs may change in the future.

Your goal, now that you’ve connected with them, is to stay top of mind if and when they need your particular product.

To get their permission to say in touch TRY AND SAY something like this:

“Jerry Jones, I understand that now is not the time for you to consider a product like mine.

Should things change in the future, though, I’d like to be the one to serve your needs.

May I have your permission to stay in touch with you every now and then?

I promise not to be a pest. I’d just like to keep you informed of new developments that might be of interest to you.”

Your goal, once again, is to keep the opportunity for the sale moving forward.

Set one sell one set one sell one, write it down on a sticky note and stick it on a mirror where you brush your teeth as a reminder.

Set one, if you’re not out setting one appointment to present to to you should be selling one, sell one if you’re not out selling one you should be setting one, set one sell one set one sell one in perpetuity.

Getting a commitment to revisit a potential follow up customer whose “no” means “not now” does that for you.

People will say Sorry zee nows a bad time covid economy Dunn got me, I’m so sorry.

So what! say the script and move on, it’s going to happen it’s just part of the activity but do it with speed, that’s important in business in the micro.

Then a few months later follow up, how’s your economy now. And then Boom! you closed it and you’ve got another customer for life.

Did you know the follow up rate for sales people is more than 92% never follow up?

That tells me only 8% of the sales professionals out there, the champions, the top gun, the elite presidential club winners are bringing in more than 60% of all the business.

It’s no wonder I’m getting DM’s daily about how much money they’re making now compared to before after training like this, they figured out 2 things, how to make a bigger pie, and 2 make money while you sleep.

Even in situations where a potential buyer is not going ahead but has interest, ask for referrals.

Just because he or she aren’t in a position to purchase your product doesn’t mean they don’t know someone else who is.

If people really do like what you’re selling, they’ll be open to suggesting it to others who might be more likely to make a purchase now.

It happens all the time, but only when you ask.

Ok so let’s do a quick recap …

⁃ ONE use the script or say something similar and commit to the follow up, you can download a copy of the PDF script and keep it for yourself or share it with your team mates, the link is in the description down below

⁃ TWO Actually do it, execute and become a practitioner, do what you say you’re gonna do and Follow up and stay on top of mind, use the power of social media to grow your personal brand and bring them value some other way.

⁃ THREE Get good at asking for referrals even if they don’t buy.

ONE THING YOU SHOULD DO TODAY IS THIS SCRIPT, GRAB A COPY OF IT RIGHT HERE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION DOWN BELOW and go try the concept and then just tweet me at ZARIR merwanji and let me know your thoughts or leave me your $0.02 in the comments, please, start talking.

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What Books Should One Read?

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