Welcome to the Daily Zee Sales & Leadership Podcast.

My name is Zarir Merwanji and I’ll be your host.

In this short introductory episode I’d like to share with you how this show came about and what you can expect, at least based on the initial vision.

As the host of the Coffee with zee and ZARIR merwanji audio experience Podcast where I only interview quota carrying individual contributors who are either #1 or at least in the top 1% of their sales organizations I go deep.

The average interview on that show is typically between 75 and 90 minutes long.

The feedback has been amazing, but it takes some pretty serious commitment to get through each of those episodes, and rarely is it possible to do that in a single session.

I wanted to solve for that and make some of the nuggets of knowledge from that show, more accessible.

Initially I thought a very short, daily show that features clips and quotes from those interviews would be just the thing, but quickly my vision started to grow.

Rather than limiting the tips to only those that come from the Audi Experience Podcast I thought this show would be even more valuable if it were to deliver a broader set of insights from a larger pool of contributors.

So why not use this as a platform to allow you to stay up to speed on the latest, trends, books and events from across the sales ecosystem?

If this works the way I hope.

We’re going to give a lot of books away to listeners who are the most interested and engaged in that topic.

My goal is provide you with a valuable and hopefully actionable tip everyday, while allowing you to hear directly from the authors of new books, speakers at upcoming events, conferences and webinars and secure discounts for other tools and education to help you improve your results and more rapidly advance in your sales career.

All in 5-10 minutes per day or less.

That way you can easily fit it into your daily routine, or binge through an entire week’s worth of content in an hour or less.

Speaking of binging.

To allow for the rapid consumption of a series of episodes I’m not going to add any intro or outro music.

Instead I’ll jump right into and out of each episode so that you an listen to a whole bunch in a row.

While podcasts can be a very passive medium, I hope you’ll become an active participant.

You can start by subscribing to to get updates.

Don’t worry, these won’t come daily, but instead will average once or twice a week. To do that head on over to zarirmerwanji.com I’ve also upgraded the commenting software on the blog so that you can jump into the conversation around any specific tip and add your own two cents and learn from others.

I’ll be sure to find ways to reward the most active contributors as we go.

Speaking of contributors.

I will likely setup affiliate links for many of the books, events and other offers I’m able to secure for you.

I’d appreciate if you would use those links, as any affiliate income will help pay for the show and any excess will help pay for my expensive habit of drinking coffee ALL day 24/7/365,

As I record this that is just over 2,000 tips away, but I’ve been at this game of live long enough to know that time flies when you’re having fun, and we’re going to have a lot of fun with this!

And for fans of the coffee with zee and audio experience podcast. Don’t worry. Nothing is going to change about that show. 

You’ll still find the great deep dive interviews with top performers that you know and love using the hashtag #askzarir

That’s it.

Please make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast in your favorite podcast player and join the morning brew weekly zee newsletter to get an inside look of exclusive content made available for only the most VIP hustlers.

This will include updates, which are consolidated tips once a week.

Access, this is bonus content and special offers.

Privacy, I’m ill never share your info 😉

Thanks for reading!

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