today’s tip comes from Jeffrey Gitomer.

If you’ve been in sales for any length of time you probably already know who Jeffrey is and have likely read at least one of his over a dozen books, so let’s get right to it:

I was doing some intention classroom preparation last night for a sales training class I’m teaching this morning and I came across some Jefferey Gitomer materials from my sales library some of you may know him as the author of The Little Red Book of Selling.

One of the Best selling sales books of all time, but you also may not know that he wrote a book called the Sales Manifesto.

A book available on Amazon.

Go get it now. Here’s why.

There are about a thousand tips inside that book.

Things that will turn into money.

Let me give you one of them.

If customers perceive no differentiating value, they’ll compare price, and then buy price from anyone.

Your ideas will differentiate you.

Your demeanor will differentiate you,

and your questions will certainly differentiate you.

The questions are.

Does your prospective customer perceive that you’re differentiating from others and is there a differentiation of value?

What does that mean? It’s pretty straightforward. Do you want to be a utility, escapism, or entertainment? Make the call.

Differentiate and sell.

Don’t differentiate and die… from the price.

I want to share with you one final thing about the manifesto salesperson because you may want to become one.

You may be wondering what is that manifesto salesperson like.

It’s very simple.

Weak salespeople look at quotas and become fearful.

Mediocre salespeople look at quotas as a goal.

Manifesto salespeople look at quotas… and laugh. 

Well there you have it.

Short and sweet.

You never know who’s watching.

You never know what they’re looking for.

Give everything your best effort, no matter the task at hand.

In my career, I’ve made a stunning amount of business decisions, some of these decisions were predicated on something a person did outside the context of “business.” I played tennis with you for example and you showed competitiveness, hard work, team work and kindness and maybe patience.

You’re always on.


Especially now in a world where social media and the smartphone have become so huge.

For example, I pay close attention to the social media presence of my companies employees on Twitter.

While I’m reading those posts, I recognize that some of the time, they are PR-ing themselves, or playing a different game.

They might even have a completely different personality.

But let me be clear.

I’m not judging them;

I’m judging their behavior on social media.

I want to figure out what is making them tick and what they care about right now.

What gets them motivated?

“Gaming the system” is over.

Going out of your way to make a grand gesture to impress your boss just for the sake of looking good is no longer a viable strategy.

To “trick the boss” is done.

Everything is far too transparent right now.

So give it your best shot.

Give it your all.

And if you feel like you still aren’t getting noticed?

Are you forced to go out of your way to “trick the boss”?

Well, then guess what?

If you are able to trick your boss, to manipulate them into believing a narrative you have created around yourself, you don’t want to be working for that boss.

You want to be able to work for someone who understands that you can do that.

If you’re working for someone who isn’t as smart as you, you don’t have the upside you need to keep moving forward in life.

If that is the case, and you find yourself looking for a new gig, the message I am trying to get across here applies even more:

someone is always watching.

You are always on.

No matter what, give everything your most intense effort.

It could mean a promotion.

It could mean a life changing raise.

And it could even mean the start of something entirely new.

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