today’s tip is actually from some content I’ve been following here on LinkedIn with Florin which according to his profile he was the top rep at Loopio, he’s since moved into a Management role and he had this little nugget to share in his content that I’ve been following.

He said that One thing that is inevitable and every single salesperson has to realize is that most people are not going to respond to your voicemail.

Do you agree? So I looked it up And I think there is a statistic out there that it’s actually under 1 percent.

So what I’m saying is if You ever receive a message back from a voicemail, that’s pretty shocking.

So the way that I see voicemail is that the main purpose of it is to direct the prospect to your email or DM or text message.

You only really have five or 10 seconds within that voicemail to capture their attention.

So he does have a specific script that he uses which makes sure that his prospective clients know who He is and where Hes calling from so that they can go back to their inbox and then search it up.

And so here’s an example of that script.

I think this is a good point to kind of insert like who is Loopio because you actually serve the sales market so that’s actually fairly relevant here.

hi Florin. This is zarir from Loopio.

I sent you an email yesterday regarding improving your X process.

But I have not heard back from you.

Can you give my email a quick glance and reply back.?

Again it’s Zarir calling from Loopio.

I love this because I did this when I was a sales rep and So just recognizing the fact that nobody’s ever going to call back

but you’re leading them to your blog post or DM or for those of you not familiar with a DM it’s the old inbox me message talk, a direct message.

So what did we do here, we created a call to action that is a channel that they can use.

Call to actions to your DM or text or landing page could work too, but DM or email is best, texting is a form of DM too by the way.

Let me know your thoughts on this

I read most of his articles late last night and Florin is pretty full of brilliant ideas like this, so if you want more

Head over to his feed and tell him I sent you, or just start engaging in his content.

where he lays down page after page of prospecting gold nuggets.

today’s question of the day is:

How have you effectively leveraged voicemail?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on utilizing the voicemail channel.

Now I don’t have a book to giveaway for the top contributors to this discussion, but I will find ways to reward the most engaged participants over time across topics.

So take the time to share your thoughts with this community, and I’m confident you’ll learn a lot and get a lot of value from your efforts.

Then be sure to come back tomorrow for another prospecting tip,

you’re going to love this one!

and I’ll SEE YOU in the next post.

Peace ✌️


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