Gratitude and perspective are so important. There’s no question that so much of my happiness is due to this perspective. That perspective is completely predicated on the singular variable of health of the people I love.Therefore, when I practice GAP to manage my stress, I tend to think of my family.

Here’s an example: Recently the love of my life tested positive for Covid-19 and was bedridden for 14 days. She was a breakthrough case.

Anyways, she’s feeling better and is back to normal and now for whatever reason, every few days, I have thoughts that a member of my family has died from covid, it’s horrible, I know and I can’t stop. What do I do with that information? I use it as the framework to keep everything in perspective. I know it’s ludicrous, I’m being serious. It’s really easy for me to receive bad news about revenue loss in business or my portfolio having a bad month when I’m thinking there could be worse things in life, family always comes first. Nothing else matters.

When I use GAP, everything on my mind, everything on my to-do list, it gets put into perspective. If I have a bad day at work, that might suck yes, I just say hakuna matata and so long as it doesn’t impact the health of my family, I’m happy like rafiki. When seemingly monstrous things happen you have to think, does it impact my family or friends? Once you realize that the stress you encounter at work often has no effect on the people in your life that matter–you become so much happier.

Try this and let me know your thoughts. 🙂

Published by Zarir Merwanji

Empathy lives at the intersection of my family FIRST and my work space SECOND through influence, leadership, sales and technology.

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