Trust AND Transparency

Leading high performing teams lesson from the Blue Angels. The degree of trust felt by the members of a leadership team toward one another is often the greatest predictor of whether an organization will be good vs great. β€œTrust might be a greater financial asset than money. Trust is the means, profit is the end.Continue reading “Trust AND Transparency”

Inspirational leaders are incredibly passionate people that move beyond the reality of limited thinking. When you are working with someone who has a passion for their work, the feeling is so contagious; it makes you believe you can achieve anything.


Gratitude and perspective are so important. There’s no question that so much of my happiness is due to this perspective. That perspective is completely predicated on the singular variable of health of the people I love.Therefore, when I practice GAP to manage my stress, I tend to think of my family. Here’s an example: RecentlyContinue reading “GRATITUDE AND PERSPECTIVE”


There was a knock at the door, a thud of a box and a quick shuffle sound of the Amazon associate ddelivering a package to my home this morning. When I opened up the package I was greeted with a very warm and beautifully hand written card from my new boss at work. I thoughtContinue reading “THE STAR THROWER”

HOW TO STOP STRUGGLING AND GAIN YOUR BALANCE BACK IN BUSINESS AND IN LIFE. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions using the #askzarir so I decided to bring the hash tag ask zarir show back on LinkedIn and you’ll find these posts there once a week, I’m also on iTunes or anywhere youContinue reading